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Financial Accountant

In this role you would be:

  • Responsible for preparing annual financial reports and co-ordinating with the Inland Revenue, VAT collection and other authorities around payments and taxes due.
  • The key co-ordinator of the financial statements that are included within the annual accounts of the organisation. The annual accounts production is a statutory requirement for all NHS organisations, which is grouped up (consolidated) into a whole of the NHS position for Treasury. It is an annual statement of the income that the organisation has received and the expenditure that has been incurred, along with a snapshot of the assets and liabilities of the organisation within the Balance Sheet.
  • Responsible for monitoring the cash position throughout the year, forecasting the inwards and outwards transactions of the organisation, ensuring that the organisation does not fall into debt. The role will also produce a cash position and cash forecast statement throughout the year.
  • The key contact with auditors who are agreeing the financial treatments applied within the accounts and that the systems are accurately recording the financial transactions.