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Different roles within NHS Finance

Finance Apprentice – A Finance Apprentice learns about all the different roles across the finance department and study professional exams you can read more about apprenticeships here.

Accounts Payable – Accounts Payable check the invoices received to the goods and services that have been ordered, and if they match they release them for payment, if they don’t they work with suppliers and departments to resolve things.

Accounts Receivable – Accounts Receivable send invoices out to make sure that the organisation has enough cash to pay its staff and suppliers.

Supply Chain Assistant – A Supply Chain Assistant replenishes clinical consumables needed for the treatment of our patients ensuring that we do not under, or over-stock products.

Accountancy Assistant – An accountancy assistant makes sure that all the financial transactions have been carried out properly.

Procurement Officer – A Procurement Officers role is to source goods and consumables needed to treat our patients and keep our hospital running, ensuring value for money.

Management Accountant – Every department has their own budget to spend on staff, goods and services.  A Management Accountant produces the monthly reports that tell our budget holders how much they have spent and whether they are overspent or not.

Cost Accountant – A Cost Accountant works with the financial data to work out how much each procedure that we carry out costs us, by looking at how much time was spent, what drugs were used, and how long the patient stayed in hospital.

Buyer – A Buyer ensures all orders are placed on time with suppliers and transacted correctly supporting and providing advice on ordering systems to staff.

Business Partner – Business Partners work with departmental managers as their financial advisor.  They interpret and use financial information to influence and shape their services and their business plans.

Chief Finance Officer – The CFO is at the heart of the organisation’s management structure and play a key role in corporate decision making, ensuring the organisation gets best value from its limited resources.

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